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Betfair Poker Review: Bonuses, Games and App

24 February 2022
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Most customers have questions on how to play Betfair Poker. In this Betfair Poker Review for June 2022, you can read everything you need to know about playing online poker, even without Betfair poker promo code.

Betfair Poker Review

KEY T&C: Valid for 30 days from registration. Opt in & earn 25 or 50 Status Points to get €20 or €40 in free tickets. Tickets have 30-day expiry. T&Cs apply.

Betfair promo code poker

Betfair Poker Review: Welcome Bonus

Betfair often runs new customer offers to entice poker players thinking about signing up. In this part of Betfair Poker Review you can see the current welcome package on the poker section.

Betfair Poker Description Bonus Details
Betfair Poker Welcome Bonus Claim up to €40 in free tickets
Minimum deposit /
Expiry date 30 days
Register now

KEY T&C: Valid for 30 days from registration. Opt in & earn 25 or 50 Status Points to get €20 or €40 in free tickets. Tickets have 30-day expiry. T&Cs apply.

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The Betfair Poker App

Betfair offers a free online app for iOS and Android customers to be able to access their online poker table. Using the app makes it easier to navigate to your preferred selections and play any type of poker game of your choice. There is also the option of notifications with the online app, so it is almost the same as the web page.

What Is The Betfair Poker App?

The Betfair poker app is the best way to get the ultimate experience when playing on your mobile device. All of the most popular titles will be available on the Betfair poker app, which means that it is a no-brainer for players looking to bet on the move.

The app takes no time to download, and you can also take advantage of the ongoing promotions. However, the speed of the app will be dependent on the internet coverage that you have. A high-speed connection will ensure an enjoyable experience for punters.

How To Download The Betfair Poker App?

To make the most of the dedicated app, punters must first install the Betfair Poker download. This is straightforward and can be done by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the desired app store and search for ‘Betfair poker app’.
  2. The app will be the top download available, and you must click install.
  3. The Betfair Poker download will then start, and you will see the app once it has been successfully downloaded.
  4. After the Betfair Poker download is complete, you will be able to open the app.
  5. You will then log in with the same credentials as you would on the desktop version of the site.

How to Make Use of Betfair’s Poker Application

Playing poker on Betfair’s mobile app is simple and easing, even without Betfair poker promo code. You are required to log in your credentials and make your choice of game. It is no different from that of the desktop application, but performance may differ based on the make of your mobile. Also, mobile network compatibility matters a lot.

Betfair poker app

How to Play Online Poker on Betfair

Poker is mainly played with cards. The game can be won by combining strategy and skill. Online poker has variant versions, which means that you will be able to find a game tailored to you.

To play the game, you will first have to make a deposit. Betfair allows deposits from its sportsbook accounts to its poker account. The minimum deposit should be £10. To start playing, customers are to place a forced bet; an amount that all players are required to stake for the game to start. This money is dropped into the pot.

In order to play online poker on Betfair, it is encouraged that you should have prior knowledge of the poker terms. These are the fundamental basics of playing poker. Below you will see some of the essential terms that you need to know.


Even in online poker, bet means the same thing as placing money. There are four types of bet in poker. They are:

  • Opening: This is the first bet of the game. It is also known as the blind. In placing this bet, you have no choice of the stake. This means that you are required to put the starting amount determined by the house.
  • Calling: This is almost the same as checkmating a bet. The difference is that in playing online poker on Betfair, you call with the same amount that was staked by the last player.
  • Raising: Raising in online poker is the same as increasing the initial bet. It is a voluntary bet intended to raise the required stake on the game that you’re playing. When playing online poker on Betfair, you have the chance to raise your bet.
  • Re-raising: This means that you want to increase the amount that was initially raised.


This is simple. When you play online poker on the platform, checking might be your safest play. It means to pass the stake to another player, while still keeping your cards. You can do this if you feel that you have a little chance of winning.


This means to stop playing the games you have in hand. When a player folds, he loses both his date and potential earnings. You might choose to fold if you feel like you’ve got the worst set of cards, and You don’t want to lose further money in stakes.

Types of Online Poker on Betfair

Betfair offers a variety of poker games for you to choose from. To participate in either of them, you are required to login to their site or register if you have not done that yet. Then you can choose the game you wish to participate in.

Betfair Poker Tournaments

Below you will find about the various tournaments that you will be able to get involved in with Betfair.

Texas Hold’em Poker

This is the most popular and one of the most exciting poker games available on Betfair. You have the option of either fixed limit, pot limit or no-limit play. You can also engage in cash play, single tournament or multiple tournaments. The minimum amount to play Texas Holdem poker on Betfair is $0.02/$0.04, while the maximum stake is $500/$1000, depending on the type of play.


This type of online poker is similar to Texas Hold’em. The only difference is the number of cards that are dealt. In Omaha Poker, players are dealt four cards, while in Texas Holdem poker, players are dealt two cards.

SIT and go

Sit and Go, also known as single table tournament (STT or SNG) is a type of online poker on the Betfair Poker app. Here, players buy into one and wait for their table to fill up to start the tournament. Each player starts with 1500 chips, and the game can only be won by one player. Betfair STT costs as low as $0.11, and there is a maximum stake of $525 as the game increases. Games usually last up to 30 minutes on Turbo mode. However, standard games last for between 40-65 minutes.

Betfair poker review

Betfair Customer Service

Betfair Poker customer support service can be contacted by either chat, email or via social media. They are available at the following times:

  • Phone: 07:30 – 00:30.
  • Facebook: 07:00 – 23:00
  • Twitter: 07:00 – 23:00
  • In-web chat: Open 24 hours.
  • E-mail: Open 24 hours.

Betfair Poker customer support service is also available in different languages.

Our Betfair Poker Review
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Betfair Poker

There is an excellent experience available for all poker fans at Betfair Poker. The platform offers an excellent selection of titles, with games ranging depending on how much you’re willing to stake. Betfair Poker has the uncanny ability to attract both novice and experienced players.

Betfair Poker Review – FAQ

Delve into the FAQ section below. You can learn more about the brand and what it has to offer.

Is there a Betfair Poker bonus currently going on?

Yes. Betfair has many poker bonuses going on for new and existing customers, even without Betfair poker promo code. (T&C’s apply)

Is there a poker software download necessary to play poker online?

Betfair does not require a compulsory software to play poker online. You can play on their web page. The only things you’ll need is an account, internet connections and a browser with Adobe Flash installed in it.

I have a problem with my bonus or poker game, what do I do?

Problems occur in all situations. The easiest way to get through it is to contact support. The Betfair customer support team will guide you through.

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